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Video about the project



It is a food-trading platform for professionals (B2B). The platform allows you to buy and sell food in bulk, get price recommendations, promote your products, and hold auctions.

AGRO24 unites 8 million manufacturers worldwide and offers a service for supply chain financing, manufacturer's ratings, and a detailed catalog. This platform ensures that deals are guaranteed and the quality of food and its sources are monitored.

The trading platform provides all the necessary features for fast and remote food trading.



The buyer places a food purchase requisition. The seller places a food sale offer.

Each requisition and offer have detailed, parameterized descriptions.

The platform brings together the requisition and the offer.

An engine is used for comparison and correlation of requisitions and offers.

The platform monitors the deal up to the full execution of all obligations by the parties.

The platform processes all payments, statuses, and documents.

AGRO24 Platform Flow Chart

AGRO24 Platform Flow Chart AGRO24 Platform Flow Chart

Screenshot of a page
of the trading platform.
Searching for requisitions.

AGRO24 Platform Flow Chart AGRO24 Platform Flow Chart

An historical note

There have been two major changes in food trade over the past 3,000 years:

During the campaigns of Julius Caesar

Food supply contracts were devised in Spain

The supermarket

The first supermarkets were opened in America in 1930



The size of the food product market is over USD 10 trillion. The food product market is the last huge massive market that is not covered by advanced technological solutions. And this market is on the verge of digital revolution, rapid growth, and personification.


  • It is difficult to find and purchase food
  • There are no modern tools for selling food
  • Food quality control is often not sufficient
  • It is impossible to trace the origin and the supply chain of goods
  • There are many intermediaries
  • Supply chains are inefficient and costly
  • There is no automated mechanism to control the performance of obligations
  • It's hard to find new suppliers
  • There is a crisis of confidence: inflated prices, numerous risks, conservatism, and bureaucratization of processes


A brand-new, real-time online trading platform
Price analytics and recommendations
Food quality monitoring technology
A market-based project with financially reliable customers
A unique, parameterized catalog of food products
Real ratings and feedback of participants


An AGRO24 user can indicate the specification requirements and the transaction parameters that they need

  • Delivery or pick-up?
  • Packaging (yes/no)?
  • Requirements for electronic document management (yes/no)?
  • Legal requirement for the transaction (yes/no)?

The platform takes all these parameters into account and allows the user to buy/sell the product that is needed




All money is frozen inside the AGRO24 trading platform until full performance of obligations: payment, advance payment, deferred payment, and provision of financial guarantees. This guarantees the security of the transaction, both for the buyer and the seller.

Our own processing center for 24/7 trading provides full fintech integration with the banks.

Each party checks and confirms the data about themselves and their company.



Why quality gets better with AGRO24:

  • Direct impact on quality with a relevant distribution of cost in supply chains;
  • Shortening of supply chains and fast delivery of goods to the buyer;
  • An increase in production costs caused by losses, risks, and transaction costs.

A large-scaled application of new solutions will help to solve three problems simultaneously:

  • Energy and resource volume;
  • Environmental pollution;
  • Food product quality.


Alexander Volchek,
35 y.o. (Russia)
10+ years of experience in creating and managing tech companies.
Andrey Rogachev,
54 y.o. (Switzerland)
28+ years of experience in implementing large-scale business projects, including those in the food market.
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A few facts

No. 2
UAE ranks in food market size in the Gulf states
No. 1
Argentina ranks in meat consumption
1.15 USD billion
volume of tea exports in Kenya
14 USD billion
export volume of food products in India
4 million tons
average annual rice production in Nepal
farms in Finland
2 million tons
average annual citrus fruit production in Morocco
103 USD billion
food import volume
17 USD billion
total export volume of food and agricultural supplies from Russia
No. 4
Belarus ranks in volume of milk exports
different sorts of grape are grown in Turkey
2.03 USD billion
import volume of chocolate into France
hectares area of potato plantations in South Korea


Alexander Volchek,
35 y.o. (Russia)
10+ years of experience in creating and managing tech companies

In 2006 headed the department of software and electronics in the French company Tmitech. Developed software for automation of equipment in the semiconductor industry for companies: Intel, Samsung, SEH Malasia, Infineon.

Intel Samsung SEH Infineon

Since 2012, the Owner and Managing Partner of the company «Business Molodost». In 2014, the company monthly conducted training in more than 100 cities for more than 5,000 people and totaled more than 1 million people in the business community.

Andrey Rogachev,
54 y.o. (Switzerland)
28+ years of experience in implementing large-scale business projects, including those in the food market.

In 1992 Rogachev created electronic payment system and software to make trading operations between companies. Including electronic messaging system, a cryptography system, the second crypto currency in the world, plastic card with a unique method of encryption and data protection, a billing center, cash registers and portable payment terminals.

“Rogachev – general manager of a company that is trying, among other things, to introduce credit cards to Russia”
Los Angeles Times

In 1999, in cooperation with partners he established a chain of stores in Russia for the sale of food products Pyaterochka. In 2006, as a result of the merger, X5 Retail Group was formed with a turnover of more than $ 20 billion per year. World's largest companies started to invest in it:

Fidelity Goldman Sachs Norges Bank J.P.Morgan VanEck AB global


  1. Trading platform

    Technology to trade in real time via smart contracts, including unique platform algorithms such as the A24 VLADA engine for comparison and correlation of requisitions and offers.

  2. Encyclopedia of food trade

    Detailed information on all market players: producers, networks, retailers, trade companies, online stores, markets, distribution centers and warehouses, service companies.

  3. Processing center

    Client focused technological solution for settlements and payments with a full end-to-end integration between the Platform and finance organizations.

  4. Price database

    A specialized information and analytical cloud service for analysis of wholesale and retail food prices.

  5. Catalog and encyclopedia of products

    Storage architecture management for food products and goods. Including the authentic verification technology and origin certificate conformation technology "A24 VISUAL TRACKING INVOICE (VTI)".

  6. Profile

    A special service for interaction between the Platform and a user with a personalized settings. Personal data security mechanism.

  7. xRM

    An internal automation system for provider services, including sales department, marketing, and analytics modules.

How buyers
and sellers use AGRO24
AGRO24 Platform Flow Chart


AGRO24 is an information and analytical trading platform. Many buyers and sellers use the platform daily.


  • A percentage of the transaction amount
  • Provision of analytics and promotional tools
  • Publication of catalogs and ratings of companies
AGRO24 users
AGRO24 Platform Flow Chart AGRO24 Platform Flow Chart


  • Producers, farmers, agricultural holding companies
  • Trading companies, distributors
  • Major retail networks, small stores, food markets
  • Importers and exporters
  • Buyers
  • Service providers and logistics companies
  • Warehouses and distribution centers


There are the following competing solutions and activity areas:

  1. Marketplaces for all kinds of goods and services

    They sometimes have subsections for wholesale buying and selling. The most noteworthy examples are: 1688.com and JD.com

  2. Online classifieds for food

    Specialized catalogs that provide the opportunity to place ads. The most noteworthy examples are: Indiamart and EC21

  3. Software for tenders and auctions

    Integrated solutions of trading companies with their own customer bases.

Screenshot of a page of the trading platform.
Search page with highlighted requisitions.
Screenshot of a page of the trading platform.
Home page and analytics page.
Product parameters.

Product parameters

AGRO24 is based on a unique parameterized catalog of food products in which every product has a detailed description of parameters. Including quality parameters that make it possible to track and guarantee the quality of food products received by the client.

We have created a large analytical center to describe all products. This makes it possible for each customer to buy precisely the goods they want and to protect their products when selling from unscrupulous buyers.

Screenshot of a page of the trading platform.
Multi-requisition page.
AGRO24 Platform Flow Chart


The platform is integrated with various services, with the banking service in the first instance. This enables the receipt of lending, factoring, and bank guarantees.

Integration of service logistics, for ordering freight transport, customs, packaging, transshipment, and wholesale and warehouse bases.

AGRO24 allows you to conduct tenders, sell and buy food 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world.



AGRO24 comprises an internal automation system for provider services, including sales department, marketing, and analytics modules. Also, a special information and analytical cloud service for analysis of wholesale and retail prices for food products is used within the system, including the capacity to recommend prices in real time.

AGRO24 has a special mechanism for creating third-party widgets and apps for companies to integrate external ideas and applications.



  • Control over the effectiveness of procurement
  • The opportunity to track the complete history of the origin of goods
  • Import and export transactions
  • Establishment of procurement unions
3 times over
The food thrown away by the United States and Europe alone could feed all the inhabitants of the planet
Some people demonstrate an alarming level of ignorance in food issues
One survey shows that most urban consumers surveyed did not realize that meat and dairy come from real animals that consume natural resources
tons of water are used by the meat industry
Globally this year
USD spent on organic products
Globally this year
tons of antibiotics used for livestock
Globally this year
coffee bags manufactured
Globally this year
tons of meat eaten
Globally this year
aluminum cans used
Globally this year
aluminum cans recycled
Globally this year

Economiс influence

The food product market is enormous and has impact on all areas of human life. The way that the market is currently structured has a natural tendency towards deterioration of food product quality. AGRO24 makes it possible to solve this problem, reduce food product waste, and create a channel of high-quality product supply directly to the customers.

People have fought for land as a main resource since ancient times, and currently the food product industry is a major polluter. This market is critically important for the development of mankind because it is the most environmentally unfriendly and responsible for the greatest amount of resource consumption, both human and financial.

Over one-third of global food products are wasted, while retaining deficiency in supply. According to a report by The Guardian, 1 billion tons (1,000,000,000,000 kg) of food products are wasted annually throughout the world.

Imagine that one kilo of tomatoes from a farmer costs 1 dollar
If there are 4 intermediaries, then each of them will earn 15-20% but, in fact, the second intermediary often sells tomatoes at 2 dollars
You could say, «Whatever, I spend 10 dollars a kilo, and that's fine with me. Let them earn some money»
However, the difference between a good and bad tomato will initially be 30% – 30 cents. For you, 30 cents is nothing, but for the second distributor it is 30% of their transaction, meaning their entire profit

Project team

  1. Product creation

    back-end developers, front-end developers, designers, system architects, business analysts, quality analysts, and project managers.

  2. Marketing and sales

    sales managers, customer acquisition managers, and marketing and sales analysts.

  3. Management and infrastructure

    management, product managers, personnel development, and finance.